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The shooting was ruled justified, as Tennessee had a regulation enabling police to shoot fleeing suspects for any rationale.
Woodruff mentioned he shot Sherard just after he pulled his hand out of his pocket, but witnesses mentioned he was fleeing when he was shot. Police stated he was fleeing, but witnesses claimed officers experienced taken him to an alley and shot him. July 15, 1967 Eloise Spellman forty two Newark, New Jersey Police and National Guardsmen shot three people today in residences after reviews of sniper fire.
May 11, 1970 Sammie McCullough twenty Augusta, Georgia Police dispersed a group of people today in close proximity to a hearth. May 11, 1970 James Stokes 19 Augusta, Georgia Stokes and a group of other younger individuals ended up in a grocery retailer close to midnight when a law enforcement car drove up and an officer opened fire, killing Stokes. May 11, 1970 William Wright 18 Augusta, Georgia Wright and some pals had been looking at riots when they discovered law enforcement officers by a fence. July 14, 1967 Cornelius Murray 29 Newark, New Jersey Police shot Murray as he stood with his close friends.

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